Year Inducted – 1997

Few pitchers if any have experienced the longevity of Ron Piekarski. He has spent more than 30 years fooling area batters. Thru the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, he has been a dominant AA league pitcher and never had a losing season while racking up a 175-72 record. Ron began winning at St. Mary’s CYO High School, helping his teams win four titles. Ron first pitched in AA at age 15 with Joe’s All-Stars in 1965, when he beat Erhart Kramers at Erhart by an 8-3 score, allowing only three hits and five walks, while striking out 14. In between playing football at Purdue University, Ron pitched for Nino’s Lounge AA team and after college pitched for Magic City Lanes, Acme Ash, Akron Insulating, Oakwood Bar, Genesee Beers, D.B. Johnsen’s and then 10 years with the team he co-sponsored with his father, Rudy F. Piekarski (a 1996 inductee), CP Sales Co., which won 5 titles: 1986, 1991-92-93-94. Besides the games he won as a starter, Ron had a number of saves as a reliever. He played on 12 championship teams and was selected for five All-Star games. His ’90’s career highlight came in 1993 when he won a pair of games in relief on the same day, a 4-inning win for CP and a 3-inning win for the Akron Blues team of the Roys Hobbs Over 40 League. Ron has also played on three Blues title teams.