Year Inducted – 1990

Outstanding catcher in the twenties through the forties and later a manager of Little League and Pony League teams, John was not a big guy … but played and coached the game big. After helping lead the St. Hedwig Jrs. to the 1923 Class C Title, John jumped into Class A ball with the North End Merchants in 1924. Then he played with B champ, Frank Madden Movers (1926), moved to N.O.P. Team (1929), Yellow Cabs (1931), St. Martha’s (1932-36), and Dean Heights Baseball Club (1941-44). St. Martha won the Northeast Ohio League in ’35 and ’36. From 1952-55, John coached Kiwanis Little League and won a State title in 1955. He followed that with Akron West Pony League teams in 1956 and 1957, winning a State title in ’57.