Year Inducted – 1992

An outstanding lefthanded pitcher who used a fine fast hardball, a nifty assortment of curves, and a change of pace during a 14-year career on Akron sandlots and four years of service ball. Joe had several no-hitters in youth ball, beginning with the Akron Indians in 1934 and then O’Neil’s Parrots, Gordon Drugs and Firestone Local. He was All-City at Buchtel High in 1938-39. He moved into A ball with Penn Tips, Goodrich, West Chevrolet, Falls Moose, Smith Sheriffs, Kenmore Taverns and Civitan Club teams around a stint in the Army. He also pitched for Fostoria (St. Louis Cards) in 1940. He managed several youth teams from 1960-1975 and served as president of South Akron National Little League from 1966-1976.