Year Inducted – 1993

A lefthanded pitcher “phenom” out of Hower Vocational School, where he once struck out 5 batters in one inning, due to a couple passed balls. Joe went on to pitch for the Yankee Jrs. and Goodrich Local #5 before going to the Army. He played and managed the 37th Ord. Co. team in Australia, New Guinea and the South Pacific area for 2 years. He returned to Akron to play with Moore Wrestlers in the Akron AA League. In addition to being a fine pitcher, Joe was no slouch at the plate and carried a high batting average and drove in his share of runs. Joe had pro tryout trials with the St. Louis Cardinal Minor League (Springfield, OH team) and was sent to Albany, GA. An injury to his arm ended his pro career. He continued playing AA League baseball and was on 4 championship clubs, as well as being on 3 All-Star teams.