Year Inducted – 1998

In 1938 Jim began playing baseball in Harlan, Kentucky as an outstanding pitcher, first, and third baseman. After leaving the service where he had played some ball for Baton Rouge post, Jim joined the Middlesboro, KY. Blue Sox of the Mountain State League where he hurled three no-hitters in four years. He moved to Akron in 1950 playing with the Royal Vagabonds for two years and then with champion Akron Rens softball teams. Jim, at this time, joined the Summit Umpires Association where he became a very good and popular umpire on the Akron sandlots for over 20 years. He was one of the original members of the S.U.A. working all levels of baseball in an excellent and easy manner. His love for the game has never faltered.You can still find Jim searching out a game on the sandlots.