Year Inducted – 1992

Hal started playing ball on the East Akron sandlots as an outfielder and became a pretty fair catcher at East High for four years, where he was a teammate of Gene Woodling, (our 1989 H.O.F.). He later developed his talents at Kent State U as a three year starter and also began A ball with Moore Wrestlers, Havre Chevy, the 1948-50 champion Borden Autos and retired with the Ravenna V.F.W. team. Hal was a .315-.325 hitter and a good RBI man. As a high school teacher and coach, he reinstituted baseball at North High in 1950, after it had been disbanded during the war years. During his own stint in service, Hal was the leading hitter for Abilene, Texas base title team in 1945 after having helped Lincoln, Nebraska win the 1944 2nd Airforce title. Hal was inducted into the 1985 Summit County sports Hall of Fame and served as president and general chairman in 1991.