Year Inducted – 1995

Prior to High School, George played softball, but at Cuyahoga Falls High he was quickly converted to a baseball third baseman. He won three letters in high school and during the summer months he played for Klages Coal and Ice team. Following graduations he played four years with the Falls Moose Club, Wooton’s Tavern, Smith Sheriffs and the West Chevrolets, before joining the U.S. Navy for WWII. After his service commitment he played a year with the Goodyear Wingfoots, before starring four years at the University of Akron. He led the team in batting, hitting .433 one season and .459 the next season. He was recruited by Borden Auto’s and played on the championship teams in the 50’s. Later he played on the semi-pro Ravenna Vets, a barnstorming team that played such teams as the Homestead Greys, House of David, and the Indianapolis Clowns. He led the Vets in hitting and home runs. He moved to the Cleveland area, participating in the AA League with the Collier Construction Team. A brief pro career in Beaver Falls, PA (a St. Louis Browns affiliate) was cut short by a severe auto accident injury. George spent 19 years in baseball and played on four All-Star Teams and on eight championship teams.