Year Inducted – 1987

The late Ed Richardson strongly believed in giving the young ballplayer a chance at furthering his baseball skills, and did so by sponsoring many youth teams and one of the most famous of all Akron teams…Krispy Kreme in the AA League. Ed’s teams, especially under the guidance of Bob Simmons, Art Boyes, Bus Simpson, and Paul Rife, became known for their competitiveness and rewarded him with three championships in the late fifties. Among the players Ed would remember the most include: Jack Bisesi, Dave Young, Dean Dutton, Gene Michael, Mike Grimm, Marion Rossi, Skip Pope, and Roy Leafgren, who all went on to outstanding baseball careers on the local and national level. Ed sponsored the famous Krispy Kreme teams from 1946 to 1950, and again from 1953 through 1965.