Year Inducted – 1997

Over the years certainly no organization has done more for the youth of the greater Akron baseball community than Post #209. An examination of our program book will show that during the 1940, 1950, and 1960 years more than half of our Hall of Famers got their start in baseball as a member of one of the Post #209 teams. Today the GABHOF is honoring and recognizing Post #209 for having made such a positive impact on the youth of our baseball society. For more than 30 years Post #209 provided the opportunity and financial support for baseball activity in the Akron area. While the success of their teams can be measured by the many trophies and plaques in their trophy case, the real measurement lies in the outstanding citizens they have helped start in the right direction. Post #209 and all its members have the GABHOF’s sincere gratitude for its dedication to Akron baseball.