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Greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame

Board of Directors Meeting

Conference Call, April 6, 2012


Attendance:   Members:  Ron Piekarski (Secretary), Carl Rakich (at-large), John Hoover (Vice President), Bob Piekarski (Treasurer); also in attendance:  Ted Lesiak, legal; Tom Giffen, advisor

1. Meeting called to order at 12:20 p.m. and Quorum established.

2. Minutes from March 30 meeting were dispensed with and will be reviewed at next meeting.

3. Constitution and By-Laws:  All members present said they had read the proposed Constitution and By-Laws.  No further changes were suggested.  There were no questions on changes from March 30 meeting.

4. Ron Piekarski called the question and took a roll-call vote:  All in attendance signified YES;  Constitution and By-Laws adopted unanimously, 4-0.

5. Next meeting:  No decision made although it was agreed that Sunday was the best day.  Ron Piekarski will send email and poll members on times for meeting.  It was noted that this meeting will be one to which Board members need to invite interested parties to attend.

6. Meeting adjourned at 12:25 p.m.


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Greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame

Board of Directors Open Meeting

Hall of Fame, Canal Park, May 31, 2012


Attendance: Members: Lou Yovanovich (President), Ron Piekarski (Secretary), Carl Rakich (at-large), John Hoover (Vice President), Bob Piekarski (Treasurer); also in attendance: Ted Lesiak, legal; Tom Giffen, advisor, guests … Drew Alexander, Tom Allio, Bob Morgan, Kevin Brown, Billy Goddard, Jake Lougherie, Jim Peroli. Absent excused: Ed Galloway, Ron Reed, both in Columbus at Ohio state baseball finals. 1. Meeting called to order by LY at 5:45 p.m., Quorum established, Guests welcomed.

2. Minutes from March 30 and April 6 meetings were presented by RP, and approved.

3. In conjunction with the reading of the minutes, RP gave a brief history of the recent travels of the GABHoF.

4. Agenda additions: LY addressed the group and said that after 7 years as president, it was time for him to step aside for someone else and was tendering his resignation as President. “It has been my pleasure to serve for the past 7 years, but it’s time for someone else take over,” he said. “This organization can be a great help to baseball here, but the job is a big one. With Middle Schools dropping sports, it means even less kids on baseball diamonds. You know, part of our problem is that if it isn’t organized sports, kids aren’t playing and that’s a big reason why we don’t see kids on diamonds these days … we need to find a way to help pay for some of these programs, especially in the middle school.”

For the record, the Board took no action on LY’s resignation tender. It will be a matter of record for the June 21 meeting.

5. Treasurer’s report: BP said there is $642.06 in the checking account. Expenses since April 6 are only for reinstatement fees for Ohio $50 and $5 for the money order. BP noted that with the current bank account, if the balance drops below $500, then there is a fee on transactions. He also noted that the bank did provide more than 400 pages in reports for him dating back to 2008 at no charge. These reports were for the 501c3 reinstatement paperwork for the IRS.

6. Legal: Ted Lesiak reported that Ohio reinstatement paperwork has been submitted, and the GABHoF is good with the state of Ohio. As for the 501c3, the paperwork is ready to be sent in (he got the final 2008 statements from BP before the meeting), but it will require a check for $400, and TL said he expected it would take 6 months for an answer.

7. Canal Park Status: RP asked GABHoF Board advisor Tom Giffen to address the current status of the GABHoF and Canal Park. TG has had meetings with both John Valle, Akron City Deputy Service Director, and Jeff Auman, Aeros’ VP & General Manager. Both are eager to see a successful and operating GABHoF and to have the Hall open 60-90 minutes before Aeros’ home games. Both are willing to give the GABHoF until April 1, 2013 to have plans in place to have the hall exhibits set up and open to the public. TG noted that the GABHoF should shoot for being operational at the Canal Park location by mid-season 2012.

TG also took a moment to talk about the Loge for the night’s game, that the Aeros had donated it along with an additional 5 tickets and that there would be food provided via an unknown sponsor, along with a cash bar. “It is dollar beer night,” he said.

8. New business: RP again welcomed the guests to the meeting and went through a full recap of GABHoF situation since the death of founder Rudy Piekarski in May of 2011. RP focused on the need for funds and opened the floor to a discussion of ideas on how to raise money to make the GABHoF solvent and enable it to move forward. Discussion included suggestions on casino nights, raffles, golf outings, reverse raffles. TL reminded everyone that without the 501c3 that games of chance with not allowed in Ohio, although he said that reverse raffles were okay. Billy Goddard suggested a fund-raising letter to inductees. “I know I for one would be more than happy to write a check, and my bet is that every inductee or their families would be willing to help support getting the Hall back on its feet.” Billy volunteered to do some of that legwork and RP said he would get back to Billy with what information he had.

Carl Rakich interjected that while it was important to get financially solvent, the GABHoF had lots of work ahead and he was concerned that the organization needed to focus on getting structurally organized, have both a plan of action on the issues to address as well as a fiscal plan on how things would be paid for. “I know funding is important,” he said, “but without a structure in place to make things happen, well, I don’t want to see us continue to spin our wheels. I am in favor of a strong working board of directors and getting a president who will lead that board.”

Tom Allio suggested that the Board set up the committees it believed were needed and then seek volunteers to chair those committees.

Drew Alexander nominated Tom Allio to be President. RP asked for a second, received one (do not know who); Allio then nominated Tom Giffen to be President …

RP asked TG if officers could be elected today? TG said that 1) only board members could nominate officers and vote on them; 2) a quorum had to be in place for any elections, but that since LY had stepped out to take care of business in the stadium, the quorum no longer was in place to vote on anything (LY is still technically a member of the Board until action is taken to accept his resignation, which will be on the agenda for the June 21 meeting); and 3) elections were on the agenda for the next meeting.

CR said that, moving forward, he and RP had been recruiting TG to be president but that while TG was reluctant to take the position, he had done the work on the new constitution and by-laws, the website and had been advising the Board on what steps to take to get going again.

RP concurred with CR and suggested that TG address the group on his vision for GABHoF and how that is reflected in the Constitution.

TG agreed and handed out copies of the Constitution and By-Laws to guests and handed out a crib sheet on the jobs the Board needed to address and seek volunteers to handle committee assignments.

TG talked about meeting with Rudy Piekarski in March of 2011 and having a conversation about the future of the GABHoF.

“I told Rudy then, and I believe the same thing now, that the GABHoF is the organization that can be a catalyst to make Akron the baseball capital of NE Ohio. We have the facilities; we don’t have the proper access. This organization can be a leader in this community in getting things done, bringing the community together, promoting and enhancing baseball experiences on all levels. We go from youth ball to a professional team here in a great stadium. We need to be promoting baseball on all levels, leading the way for clinics and development of coaches, young umpires and youth league administrators, we need to be supporting and helping promote high school baseball in the community; we need to be involved with the college baseball programs in the area; we need to have a great relationship with the Akron Aeros, including an Aeros’ display in the Hall of Fame – after all they’ve been here 17 years, won some championships and lots of MLB talent has gone through here. And we need to have our banquet, induct new members of the Hall of Fame, and recognize those who have had a great impact on amateur baseball in this city. If we are involved in the community, the banquet comes easy; if we are not involved in the community, then we have to sell the banquet.”

TG also highlighted 1) the contentious relationship between the City and the Aeros’ management, 2) Mayor Plusquellic’s pledge to the citizens of Akron when he sold voters on building the stadium, that only citizens of Akron would play on the field; 3) the fee structure the City has in place to use Canal Park — $3000 per day just to open the gates. “It’s geared to keep people off the field,” TG said. “But there is an openness to change here … and the GABHoF is the group that can affect that change – it’s simple, the GABHoF has no dog in the hunt, so it can direct the benefits of being a Mecca for baseball across the community, both economically as well as on a participatory level.

“But all of this comes at a price, and that price is personal involvement and a group of folks working together to make good things happen. Nobody on this Board gets paid; the work is done for passion, love of baseball and commitment to the community. If folks want to get involved, then the structure has the muscle to move forward and promote baseball in the community, bring baseball people together and change things for the better. But it takes involvement, and very simply said, the GABHoF is in dire need of individuals to step forward and sign on for 2-3 years.”

9. RP thanked TG for his thoughts and told the guests he hoped they would consider becoming part of the operations of the GABHof. He simply asked everyone to contact him to get involved.

10. Next Meeting: Thursday, June 21 at Canal Park, Time TBA.

11. Game time … RP called for adjournment, with a chorus of seconds … meeting adjourned at 6:49 p.m.

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Greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame

Board of Directors Executive Meeting

Roy Hobbs Conference Room, June 12, 2012

Attendance:   Members:  Bob Piekarski, Ron Piekarski, Ed Galloway, Carl Rakich, John Hoover.  Absent:  Ron Reed.  Office of President vacant.  No guests.

1. Meeting called to order by RP at 7 p.m., Quorum established

2.  Minutes from May 31 presented by RP and approved.

3.  BP gave treasurer report; Hall of Fame has $642.09 in checking.

4.  In follow-up to the May 31 meeting, RP thanked everyone for coming and said the GABHoF needed to capitalize on the attendance at the May 31 meeting at Canal Park and needed to have a plan to move forward.

Carl Rakich asked to speak to the issue and was granted the floor.

Carl said GABHoF, in order to move forward, will need strong leadership and strong slate of officers and board members who understand their duties understand and are willing to handle those duties.

Carl presented a handout with a list of the officers and board positions, including the duties of each, along with a committee structure and where officers and board members potentially could fit into the process.  (Those documents are attached to these minutes.)

Discussion ensured, including talk of expanding the Board by two members.

In the process of the discussion, John Hoover volunteered to step down as Vice President, saying he was not able to commit to the job of running the banquet, but he would like to remain on the Board and contribute, as he was able.

Carl said how much he appreciated Bob Piekarski’s commitment to the Hall of Fame, but stated that the Board needed to have a treasurer who was qualified in accounting, which was going to be a priority if the GABHoF was going to embark on some of the fund-raising being discussed, including but not limited to the new Instant Bingo opportunities in Ohio, which will require significant paperwork to comply with Ohio gaming statutes.

Bob Piekarski said he was willing to stay on as Treasurer but would step down if needed.  He said he, too, would like to stay on the Board and would be very interested in being in charge of the Canal Park Hall of Fame facilities.

RP moved that the board accept the two resignations, effective at the June 25 election meeting.  CR seconded the motion, which was accepted and approved unanimously.

RP moved that the board add two board members; Ed Galloway seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

5.   The Board then discussed approaching Tom Giffen one more time to see if he would consider accepting the President’s position for the GABHoF.  There was discussion and it was a consensus of those in attendance to proceed with an invitation to Tom.  RP and CR said they would approach Tom and see what could be worked out.

6.   It was announced that the next meeting for the general membership would be held June 25 at Canal Park at 6:30 p.m.

7.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ron Piekarski


GABHoF jobs

Job 1 – Position:  HoF Facility - *Commissioner of the Hall of Fame (*ADD new Board Officer Position)

  1. Taking charge of the Canal Park hall of fame displays and the like; the hall needs to be reorganized, displays upgraded, and displays for the Aeros, high schools and colleges added.
  2. Managing the open hours of the Hall of Fame at Canal Park.  This is a key issue with regard to our relationship with the City of Akron and the Aeros.

Job 2 – Position:  PR/Marketing - Committee chair, Secretary would be part of committee

Publicity and marketing the Hall of Fame, covering Internet issues… website, facebook, twitter; Additionally Raising awareness with newspapers through periodic publicity releases and announcements.  Working with VP on banquet publication.

Job 3 – Position:  Membership - Secretary

    Building membership and developing contact with inductees, etc.

Job 4 – Position:  BanquetVice President

    Planning and executing the annual awards Banquet, including publications and awards.

Job 5 – Position:  Inductee Research/Selection

      Committee chair with

Vice President

      on the committee
    The Induction process, research, balloting and honoring inductees, including awards

Job 6 – Position:  Community Outreach - Committee chair

  1. Community outreach to youth organizations, high schools, area colleges, umpire groups, including the development and support of clinic programs for coaches in the youth organizations
  2. Cultivating local umpires organizations; insisting upon improved umpiring at all levels though arranging and supporting clinics for young Umpires and clinics for volunteers who run youth organizations on the care and feeding of umpires, etc.

Job 7 – Position:  Events – Committee chair

    Working with Akron/Summit County on bringing amateur baseball events here

Job 8 – Position:  Fund Raising - Committee Chair, with Treasurer on committee

    Fund-raising … developing fund-raising strategies, planning events and executing those events.


Each committee should have one of the 4 officers as a member in addition to those committees where an officer is designated … President, VP, Sec and Treas. Assuming we go back to the idea of 9 members of the board, with 4 at large members, each at-large member could/should be a committee chair.

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Greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame

Board of Directors Meeting

Beau’s Grill Conference room, June 17, 2012

Attendance:   Members:  Ron Piekarski (Secretary), Carl Rakich (at-large), Bob Piekarski (Treasurer), Ed Galloway (at-large), Ron Reed (at-large); Absent:  John Hoover; Guests:  Tom Giffen consultant

1. Meeting called to order by RP at 7:10 p.m., Quorum established, Guests welcomed

2.  Minutes from June 12 meetings were presented by RP, and approved.

3.  Treasurer’s report was dispensed with inasmuch as it had not changed from June 12.

4.  RP thanked everyone for coming and turned the floor over to Carl, who, as a Board member, had exercised his right to call for the meeting.

Carl said that it had come to his attention that the Board’s attempt to amend the Constitution and By-Laws at the June 12 meeting was procedurally incorrect according to the Constitution’s written process for amending the document.  And he wanted to get that handled appropriately so that it could be in place for the March 25 elections meeting.

Carl read the attached document, outlining the process to amend the Constitution.

Following up, Carl read into the record a motion on a proposed amendment to the Constitution, adding 4 members to the Board of Directors, making the board 11 strong; he moved to add one officer’s position and 3 at-large positions.  The officer’s position would be the Commissioner of the Hall of Fame at Canal Park.  A copy of Carl’s motion is attached as document 2.

Bob Piekarski seconded the motion.

Carl explained that the amendment had to be read into the minutes of two consecutive called meetings of the Board, and this meeting would constitute the first.  The second would be the opening old business of the June 25 meeting, and, if approved by the Board members present that day, it would be effective and Bob Piekarski could stand for election to be the Commissioner of the Hall of Fame and John Hoover could stand for election as an at-large board member.

There was a consensus of those present to accept Carl’s motion.   Minimal discussion ensued, mostly about process at the next meeting …

5.   The invitation to Tom Giffen was then addressed, with Carl again stating his desire to have a strong President to lead the board.

RP then introduced Tom Giffen and asked Tom if he would tell the Board members present what it would take for him to consider the Board’s invitation.

Tom thanked RP and everyone else for their invitation, saying he was honored by their interest and the invitation.  He then said … “I am interested in accepting the position; however, my biggest concern is that the GABHoF Board of Directors understand what it is getting if it wants me to take this job.  I would not be the GABHoF executive director, doing the bidding of the Board.  But rather, I would be a member of a Board dedicated and committed to making the GABHoF the premier institution it can and should be.  I see the President as setting the vision, being a traffic cop and a problem solver, but it is the Board and its committees that will be doing the bulk of the work.

If it is your thought that electing me President will solve a lot of problems because I will go do the work to solve those problems, my tenure will be a short one, because, very simply, I have business interests in several places around the country, I travel significantly and I spend considerable amount of time at my home in Florida.  With three businesses I run, one foundation and being a partner in a fourth business, well, as you can see, there are a lot of considerations on my plate.

For me to consider taking this assignment on, I need to know that everyone here understands that I will be involved in all of the processes, but I will be directing those and doing everything I can to facilitate all of the jobs that are going to be required – Carl’s committee sheet from the last meeting is daunting, to say the least – and I will pledge my support to all the officers and committee chairs and do whatever I can to help them do the jobs they have volunteered for.“

Following Tom, there was overall Board discussion, including whether there were other potential President candidates on the horizon.

In the end, the consensus remained that Tom would be nominated on June 25 unless he said ‘No’ beforehand.

6.   Fund-raising … there was brief discussion of fund-raising, and Tom noted that he had downloaded the most recent Ohio Gaming statute, in reference to Instant Bingo, and that he had researched the Ohio Gaming laws and guidelines for distributors, which is what RP would be in relation to GABHoF.  Tom said his read of the guidelines was twofold at this point.

First was that RP was safe as Secretary of the GABHoF for the time being since the GABHoF needed to be an approved 501c3 organization with two-years of continuous operation before it could purchase the Instant Bingo tickets and benefit from their sales.

Second, he said that once the GABHoF gets its 501c3 reinstated, the organization should then petition the State of Ohio to recognize it as being in continuous operation in spite of its 501c3 revocation since the leader of the organization had passed away and the revocation was related to that individual not completing the necessary paperwork.  Should that petition be honored, Tom said, then the GABHoF should ask the Attorney General for a ruling on whether the Secretary of the GABHoF could act as a distributor to the GABHoF without violating Ohio Gaming guidelines.  Tom noted that the guidelines were written vaguely and could be interpreted any which way, and for the GABHoF to be on safe ground, a ruling from the AG’s office was a necessity.  Tom did tell the Board that the Roy Hobbs Foundation did meet the Ohio Gaming guidelines and that he was willing for the RHF 501c3 to be used to assist in the Instant Bingo project as long as the proceeds went to RHF and then a 50% portion would then be donated to the GABHoF.

7.   It was confirmed that the next meeting would be Monday, June 25, at the Hall of Fame facilities at Canal Park, that the Board would meet at 6 p.m., followed by an Open meeting at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting would be to complete the Constitution amendment process and then to hold elections via the Constitution guidelines.

8.   The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Ron Piekarski, Secretary


Document 1, presented by Carl Rakich …

Amending the Constitution and By-Laws …

Here’s what Constitution says about amending the by-laws:


The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended through the following process.

  • Any member of the Board of Directors may offer an amendment to the Constitution & By-Laws of the GABHoF at a called meeting of the Board.
  • The proposed amendment(s) must be read into the minutes at two (2) called meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • A 67% vote of the members present at the second meeting shall be required to adopt any amendment.

Document 2, a motion by Carl Rakich …

I move that we amend the Constitution and By-Laws to add four members to the Board of Directors as follows.

1.  subb Article 4, section 1 on governance with the following:


Section 1 – Board of Directors

  • The GABHoF shall be governed by a Board of Directors, which will have a minimum of eleven (11) members.
  • The GABHoF Board of Directors is selected/elected by the general membership.
  • The GABHoF Board of Directors will have the authority to set the number of members, with a minimum of eleven (11).
  • The Board of Directors will select the officers of the GABHoF.
  • Officers Include:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Hall of Fame Commissioner.
  • The Board will also include six (6) at-large members elected from the general membership of the GABHoF; candidates should be serving on established committees and should have attended a minimum of six (6) meetings or GABHoF functions in the previous 12 months.


            2.  Amend Article 5, section 6 with the following, subbing section 6 & adding section 7:

Section 6 – Commissioner of the Hall of Fame

The Commissioner shall …

  • Shall be responsible for the physical area that houses all Hall of Fame data and memorabilia, including but not limited to upgrading the displays as needed and/or directed by the Board of Directors and developing, maintaining and securing volunteers to staff set scheduled hours of operation.
  • Shall be the vice-chairman of the committee planning and carrying out the annual public gathering to celebrate the game and induct new members to the Hall of Fame.
  • Shall assist the vice president in establishing such committees as needed to carry out the various functions of the Hall of Fame process.

Section 7 – At-Large Directors

The At-Large Directors shall assist the officers through committee chair assignments with all Hall of Fame process issues.


Click Here for June 25th 2012 Meeting Minutes

Greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame

Board of Directors Meeting & Open General Meeting

Hall of Fame, Canal Park, June 25, 2012


Attendance:   Members:  John Hoover (Vice President), Ron Piekarski (Secretary), Carl Rakich (at-large), Bob Piekarski (Treasurer), Ed Galloway (at-large), Ron Reed (at-large); Guest:  Tom Giffen consultant

1.  BoD Meeting called to order by RP at 6:05 p.m., Quorum established.

2.  Minutes from June 17 meeting was presented by RP; approval withheld until the open meeting.

3.  Treasurer’s report was delayed to the open meeting.

4.  RP introduced Tom Giffen to discuss how the open meeting would be handled.  Tom handed out agendas to all present and discussed the flow of the meeting and who need to do what and in which order.

5.  Meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m. with instructions to meet and greet guests prior to the open meeting.

Open meeting, Hall of Fame, Canal Park, June 25, 2012

Attendance:   Members:  Ron Piekarski (Secretary), Carl Rakich (at-large), Bob Piekarski (Treasurer), Ed Galloway (at-large), Ron Reed (at-large); Absent:  John Hoover; Guests:  Tom Giffen consultant, Ted Lesiak (legal counsel), Ron DeGrand, Kevin Brown, Tom Allio, Gary Salhany, Bob Morgan, Bill Humpries.

1.  Meeting called to order by RP at 6:35 p.m., Quorum established, Guests welcomed

2.  Minutes from June 17 meetings were presented by RP, and accepted as read.

3.  Treasurer’s report:  Bob Piekarski reported that there is $634.11 in the GABHoF account.

4.  Old Business

  1. RP addressed the need to amend the GABHoF Constitution & By-Laws.  He asked Carl Rakich to read the motion he officially made at the June 17 meeting and was read there the first time.
  2. CR read his motion.  A copy is attached to these minutes.
  3. RP called for discussion.  Hearing none, RP called for a vote but needed a motion at this meeting to do so.
  4. CR moved that the Board of Directors adopted these aforementioned changes to the Constitution and By-Laws.  Ed Galloway seconded the motion.
  5. Each Board member in attendance was polled individually and each signified yes to adopt the changes to the Constitution.  Motion passed unanimously.

5.  Officer resignations:  RP brought three officer resignations before the board:  Lou Yovanovich announced his intention to resign as President at the May 31 meeting; Vice President John Hoover and Treasurer Bob Piekarski announced their intention to resign at the June 12 meeting.  The officers cited workload and a desire to handle other positions with the Hall of Fame.

  1. RP asked if there was a motion to accept the resignations, effective immediately:  EG so moved; CR seconded.
  2. RP called for a vote; the motion passed unanimously, leaving the BoD with 4 members and, with the amending of the Constitution, the need to select 3 officers and 3 at-large Board members.

6.  RP moved on to Elections.

  1. RP asked for nominations for the office of president:  CR nominated Tom Giffen; EG seconded.
  2. RP asked for discussion, hearing none, called for the vote.  TG was elected unanimously.
  3. RP welcomed Tom and turned the meeting over to him.
  4. TG thanked the Board for their confidence in him and simply said he hoped he could live up to their expectations as the Hall moves forward.

7.  Elections continue … TG asked for nominations for each of the following positions.

  1. a)  Vice President:   CR nominated Rusty Chaboudy; Ron Reed seconded.  Tom noted that Rusty was not in attendance as he was at a Coventry School Board Levy meeting, but that Rusty had had conversations with both him and Ron Piekarski and had indicated his willingness to serve if elected, and TG read an email from RC saying the same thing.
  2. With no further nominations or discussion, TG called the question; Rusty Chaboudy was elected Vice President.
  3. Treasurer:  RP nominated Gary Salhany; Ed Galloway seconded the motion.  Gary, in attendance, indicated his willingness to serve.
  4. With no further nominations or discussion, TG called the question; Gary Salhany was elected Treasurer.
  5. Commissioner of the Hall of Fame:  EG nominated Bob Piekarski; Ron Reed seconded the motion.  Bob, in attendance, indicated his willingness to serve, pulling out a tape measure and checking measurements to do some re-arranging of the Hall of Fame.
  6. With no further nominations or discussion, TG called the question:  Bob Piekarski was elected Commissioner of the Hall of Fame.
  7. Three At-Large directorships for the HoF:
    1. John Hoover was nominated by CR; seconded by EG
    2. Kevin Brown was nominated by RP; seconded by BP
    3. Bob Morgan was nominated by EG; seconded by RR
    4. Ron DeGrand was nominated by CR; seconded by BP
  8. Seeing no further nominations, TG closed the nominations and asked for discussion.  In the process, he noted that in addition to the 3 At-Large berths on the Board, there was also a need for several Committee Chairs to handle key aspects of the Hall going forward.  Kevin Brown noted that he was very interested in the Events and Community Outreach jobs as defined by the Board in its previous two meetings.  TG said that there was a lot that had to be done and that the HoF needed strong individuals in positions to make things happen, and he asked KB if he would be willing to take the Events Committee Chair and also work hand in hand with the Community Outreach committee as well.  KB said he would like to do that and would withdraw his name from nomination for a Board position.
  9. TG thanked KB for his offer, appointed him Chair of the Events Committee, and asked the BoD for a voice acclimation on the motions to elect John Hoover, Bob Morgan and Ron DeGrand to At-Large directorships.  The motion passed unanimously.

8.  TG welcomed the new board members and said he was looking forward to working with them.  He noted that the Directorships were staggered, based on the Constitution so that 2 at-large board members were elected each year.  TG said that the terms for each of the At-Large directors would be determined at the next meeting …

9.  Legal issues:  TG introduced legal counsel Ted Lesiak, who gave an update on the GABHoF recertification with the State of Ohio and the GABHoF’s 501c3 status.  The state is done and GABHoF is back on track; the 501c3 paperwork, along with $400, will go to the IRS within the week.  TL said the IRS paperwork was seeking not only reinstatement but also recognition of continuous operation.  He noted this usually takes as long as 6 months but through we might hear something in perhaps three months.

10.  Review of Canal Park Status:  TG noted that while the GABHoF had been given until April 2013 to get the Hall open before Aeros games by the City of Akron, it was imperative in his opinion that the Hall be open this summer.  He said he would be meeting with both the Aeros and the City within the next two weeks and wanted to tell them that the GABHoF would be open for business during the last few home stands of the summer.  He suggested that Bob put together a list of games, starting in Mid-July and get Board members to commit to opening the Hall.  Bob agreed.

11.  New Business …

  1. Establishing committees:   As it stands right now, we want to establish the following committees, and here are the chairs as we know them:
    1. HoF Facility – Bob Piekarski
    2. PR/Marketing – Rob Reho
    3. Membership – Ron Piekarski
    4. Banquet – Rusty Chaboudy
    5. Inductee selection – Rusty Chaboudy
    6. Community outreach – Bob Morgan
    7. Events – Kevin Brown
    8. Fund-Raising – TBA
    9. TG talked briefly about committees and noted that each board member needs to plan to be on a minimum of two committees and that we all need to be recruiting folks to volunteer some time on these committees.  We will discuss this more when we meet in August.
  2. GABHoF and Kent State:  Roy Hobbs has agreed to help the Aeros with a Kent State night, and now we are simply waiting on Kent to let the Aeros when they would like to do it.  TG said it is important for the GABHoF to be involved in such a night, from a PR point if nothing else.  TG said, “if we plan on being a 5-county organization, like we say in our Constitution, then we need to be ready to honor baseball accomplishments throughout the five counties.  It’s really that simple.”
  3. Establishing regular meetings:  TG said he wants to have regularly scheduled meetings of the GABHoF BoD throughout the year.  He said he would be contacting everyone to find out what days are unworkable for various Board members.  He wants to do the meetings at noon and set a specific day, such as the 2nd Tuesday of each month or something to that effect.  TG said the goal was to have short executive committee meetings, probably at lunch, and challenge the committees to do the work of making things happen.
  4. Updating website:  TG said he would be updating the website ASAP with the updated Constitution, new board members and minutes of this meeting as well as the events page.
  5. Agenda additions:
    1. TG announced that he wanted to take photos of the officers and committee chairs before they left; additionally he would be requesting short bio info on each board member for the website.
    2. TG said he wanted to do an evening retreat in August for the board members and committee chairs to discuss process, recruiting and fund-raising.   He said he would be in touch via email to set up a Sunday evening in August to have that discussion.
    3. TG announced that NEORH would be holding a fund-raiser August 14 in conjunction with its Greater Akron AA Baseball awards night.  He urged everyone to consider supporting the fund-raiser.

12.  Next meeting:  TBA, look for an email.

13.  Adjournment:  EG so moved; BM seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:26 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Ron Piekarski, Secretary

July 5, 2012